Thunder & Icecream has been set up by Canadian born and Edinburgh based graphic designer and illustrator Kimberly Carpenter. 

The work she produces is quirky, conceptual, strong and consistent. It has a sense of humour and covers a wide range of subject matter which has been influenced by her nomadic upbringing, a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the natural world and a love of sifting through junk at car boot sales and secondhand shops in search of treasures. 

She primarily works digitally to allow her to move more quickly for clients. Everything starts with a drawing though and she always has a trusty sketchbook by her side to thrash out ideas. When time allows however, she also has a real love for printmaking, and getting her hands dirty in the process.  

You can buy some brilliant prints and products in the shop here, or you can get in touch to request a commission.

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